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  • Vision

    To be a complete & most respected Man u fact u rerfor entire range of Fabrics & Garments in the textile industry.To trade products comparable to international standards, to be customer focused & globally competitive through better quality, latest technology & continuous innovation.
  • Products

    We are engaged in the business of Processing and trading of Finished Cotton / Cotton Blended Fabrics. Our Company is equipped with state of the art machinery to produce fabrics with the core capability to convert a wide range of Grey Fabrics into finished fabrics and various other Cotton and Cotton Blended Fabrics consisting of 100% Cotton fabric, Chief Value Cotton, Polyester Cotton, 100% Cotton Yarn Dyed, Polyester Viscose and Terry Rayon Suiting.
    • 100% Polyester Fabric
    • Polyester and its blends
    • COTTON - VISCOSE and its blends.
    • Linen
    • Cotton Naylon and it's blends
    • Acylic and its blends
    • Viscose Courdroy
    • 100% Cotton Courdroy
    • Disperse Dyeing
    • Reactive Dyeing
    • Sulphur Dyeing
    • Vat Dyeing
    • Pigment Dyeing
    • Double Dyeing
    • ( Disperse + Reactive)
    • (Cationic + Disperse)
    • Bio Finish
    • Soft Finish
    • Silicon Finish
    • Hard Finish
    • Peach Finish
  • Manufacture

    - Unpack & Grey Checking  • Unpack & Grey Checking
    - E - Sizing  • Manual
    - Moisturizing - Castic- Collon  • Mercerising Machine
    - Nutral - Cleaning of Grey (Jet Machine (Blending & removing Castic) • Jet Machine
    - Boil - Jigar Machine (For Whitning) • Jumbo Jiggar & Jigure Machine
    - Bleaching • Bleaching Jumbo Jigger Bleach
    - Dyeing • Dyeing Jigger 300 KG

    Our Manufacturing Process

    • Sample development
    • Grey Checking
    • RFD
    • Dyeing
    • Finishing
    • Lab testing
    • Checking
    • Packing

    More about Manufacturing

    • Spectrophotometer - Data Color 800 Computer color matching system
    • Mathis - Multi-Purpose
    • Abrasion Cum-Pilling Tester
    • Direct Yarm Counting Balance
    • Horizontal Lab Padding Mangle
    • Digital PH Meter
    • infra Colour Dyeing Machine - Exhaust
    • Lab stenter - Drying & Curring Chamber
    • Washing machines & Tumble dryers
    • Oven - Temperature Controller
    • Digital washing fastness tester
    • vaxtex manufactures some of the finest shirting fabrics in India. marked by and aligned to latest fashion trends. A B2B business. vaxtex Luxury Cottons, produces more than pure 6 Lakh Meters of shirting & linen fabrics. The unit processes high value cotton and linen shirting and bottom weight fabrics for leading domestic and international brands. Vaxtex's in house quality testing mechanism has assured its buyers with best quality fabrics. With dyeing and printing of more than 100 types of different fabrics vaxtex is one of the most trusted company for processing of shirting fabrics.
    • Vaxtex is one of the largest vertically and horizontally integrated manufacturers of suiting fabric in the world Suiting fabrics is one of the most renowned product of vaxtes in market. With monthly dyeing and printing of more than 10 lac meters of suiting fabric, Vaxtes has been serving indian market since 2006. Vaxtex fabrics are highly quality tested. Production team of vaxtex is highly skilled for developing best suiting fabrics.
  • Infrastructure

    Our Machinery
    Vaxtex is proud to have developed a truly world renowned processing and finishing plant our textile processing unitis equipped with latest machines which include :
    • The objective of Grey unfolding process is to convert the Grey roll packages into beam in trolley having desired length and containing requisite number of ends. Uniform tension checking is maintained on individual beams during unfolding. Using the unfolding machine, through hundreds of grey rolls are set regularly as design. A simplified view of the unfolding process is shown below:
    • The Desizing process is done on the grey fabrics where beam of certain meters in passed through a closed machine where all chemicals are input for removing dust and rust from the grey fabrics. This process removes all the dust from grey fabrics which can be further processed for bleaching. .
    • De-sized and scoured fabric still contains colouring matters which include natural pigments or added colours for yarn identification. Fabric is subjected to bleaching to remove colouring matters by treating fabric with bleaching agents i.e. chlorine bleach, hydrogen peroxide etc. This process is carried out on Jiggers or CBR machine. After bleaching fabric is dried and given optical whitener treatment if white fabric is the end product or subjected to drying and dyeing and/or printing.
    • After the bleaching process, Fabric is further transferred to mercerising machine where fabric is passed through Caustic lye (chemical) this process converts hard molecules of cotton into soft and flexible cotton so that it can accept dyes which is next process for dyeing of fabrics. This machine is mainly for making fabric flexible enough to do further process.
    • Polyester and manmade fabrics are subjected to heat setting (or thermo setting) to impart dimensional stability and to achieve desired width prior to dyeing and printing.
    • Ready for dyeing is a process done on jigger machine which is similar to bleaching machine. This Process is done to mercerised fabrics into white colour fabric. Mercerized fabric is quoted with white colour dyes and chemical for make the fabric ready for dyeing.
    • After the ready for dyeing process fabrics are loaded to jigger dyeing machine. These machines are similar to bleaching machines and fabric according to capacity of machine is load. This is the main process of our unit where Dyeing process of fabric is done. Fabric loaded in machine is processed for certain period with some chemicals and dyes which further produce dyes fabrics.
    • Drying range is used to dry fabrics which are received from jigger dyeing machines. This machine uses steam to dry the fabrics. As per the process requirement dyed fabrics are to be dried immediately to maintain the quality
    • This machine is used to set the final width of fabric. This is the final process of our unit and fabric's flexibility is lowered here to provide strength to the fabric. After thus process the final fabric received is than sent for checking and packing. All the above processes are basic for manufacturing finished fabrics; other special machines are used only as per client's requirement for providing certain type of quality
    • After the drying process, the fabric received is ready for finishing. Stunter is a machine where fabrics are process very high temperature with certain chemicals. This process sets the elongation and width of fabrics. As we have 8-chamber stunter, our machine is highly capable of providing best quality for suiting fabrics.

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  • Media Coverage

    • VAXTEX COTFAB LIMITED, engaged in the business of textile processing of fabric and trading is opening its initial Public Offer on Friday, 27, 2019.The company will be listed on NSE EMERGE Platform. Initial Public Issue of 15,96,000, Equity Shares of face value of Rs. 10 each of the company for cash at a price of Rs. 24 per equity share, including a share premium of Rs.14 per equity share aggregating to Rs. 383.04 Lakhs of which 84,000 equity shares of face value of Rs. 10/-, each for cash at a price of Rs. 24/- per ES including a share premum of Rs. 14/- per ES, aggregating to Rs. 20.16 Lakhs will be reserved for subscription by market maker to the Issue. The promoters of the company are Khushant Gupta, who handles the marketing division and Mithlesh Agrawal, who has more than 25 years of experiene in the engineering field. The corporate promoters of the company are Qmin Pharma Pvt. Ltd. and Miracle Stores Pvt. Ltd. VCL has achievedatotal revenue of Rs. 454.11 in FY 19-20 till June 30, 2019 and has posted profit of Rs. 60.2 Lacs in the FY 18-19.
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  • About us

    We are engaged in the business of Textile processing of fabric and trading. Our Company is engaged in the Processing (dyeing and finishing) of grey fabrics for shirting, suiting, and other accessories and also on outsourcing basis for other fabric / garment companies. We have an installed capacity of 12,00,000 mtrs / month for processing of various fabrics from natural and man -made fibres specializing in 100% cotton, Giza & Supima cotton blended fabrics, polyester viscose and polyester cotton. Our Company procures Grey fabrics and process it into Finish Fabric as per the client's requirement.
    • Earlier, prior to 2017, our company was involved in trading business of fabric. We were used to buy ready fabrics and sell into market. In the year 2017, our Company procured machines with latest technology for processing of fabrics and also consequently increased our installed capacity.
    • We process various fabrics like 100% Cotton - Lycra and Non-Lycra, Blended Cotton Suiting - Chief Value Cotton, Polyester Cotton, 100% Cotton Yarn Dyed, Polyester Viscose, Terry Rayon Suiting and Mock Linen. Our Company also undertakes corporate orders for Finished Fabrics for corporate brands. At our processing unit we do the process of Dyeing and finishing of fabrics which is termed as finished fabric and is ready to use for processing. Further finished fabrics are folded, checked and packed as per client's requirement. Than the packed fabrics are directly sent to our Storage unit or are delivered to client's go down.
    • Our processing unit is located at Narol, Ahmedabad in Gujarat and majority of the manufactured goods are dispatched from this unit itself. We also have a Packing and Storage unit at nearby place to our unit, Narol, in Gujarat and we dispatch the Stocked goods and certain outsourced processed goods from this unit.
    • We have a dedicated in-house Testing and Quality Control Team which undertakes rigorous testing and quality management. We have dedicated semi-automatic and manual testing machines. Our Testing and QC team coupled with our testing equipment's ensure the quality of raw material dispensed in the production process and also the finished goods delivered to our customers. This helps in improving our procurement process thus reducing wastages, returns and other related costs.
    • Our strategic objective is to improve and consolidate our position as a Textile manufacturing Unit with a continuous growth philosophy. The diagram below represents our continuous growth philosophy being implemented on a day-to-day basis.
    • Our continuous growth philosophy is being driven with the strategic levers of operational excellence, strengthening existing services, customer satisfaction, ecosystem development, innovation and marketing.
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