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  • Infrastructure

    Our Machinery Vaxtex is proud to have developed a truly world renowned processing and finishing plant our textile processing unitis equipped with latest machines which include :
    • The objective of Grey unfolding process is to convert the Grey roll packages into beam in trolley having desired length and containing requisite number of ends. Uniform tension checking is maintained on individual beams during unfolding. Using the unfolding machine, through hundreds of grey rolls are set regularly as design. A simplified view of the unfolding process is shown below:
    • The Desizing process is done on the grey fabrics where beam of certain meters in passed through a closed machine where all chemicals are input for removing dust and rust from the grey fabrics. This process removes all the dust from grey fabrics which can be further processed for bleaching. .
    • De-sized and scoured fabric still contains colouring matters which include natural pigments or added colours for yarn identification. Fabric is subjected to bleaching to remove colouring matters by treating fabric with bleaching agents i.e. chlorine bleach, hydrogen peroxide etc. This process is carried out on Jiggers or CBR machine. After bleaching fabric is dried and given optical whitener treatment if white fabric is the end product or subjected to drying and dyeing and/or printing.
    • After the bleaching process, Fabric is further transferred to mercerising machine where fabric is passed through Caustic lye (chemical) this process converts hard molecules of cotton into soft and flexible cotton so that it can accept dyes which is next process for dyeing of fabrics. This machine is mainly for making fabric flexible enough to do further process.
    • Polyester and manmade fabrics are subjected to heat setting (or thermo setting) to impart dimensional stability and to achieve desired width prior to dyeing and printing.
    • Ready for dyeing is a process done on jigger machine which is similar to bleaching machine. This Process is done to mercerised fabrics into white colour fabric. Mercerized fabric is quoted with white colour dyes and chemical for make the fabric ready for dyeing.
    • After the ready for dyeing process fabrics are loaded to jigger dyeing machine. These machines are similar to bleaching machines and fabric according to capacity of machine is load. This is the main process of our unit where Dyeing process of fabric is done. Fabric loaded in machine is processed for certain period with some chemicals and dyes which further produce dyes fabrics.
    • Drying range is used to dry fabrics which are received from jigger dyeing machines. This machine uses steam to dry the fabrics. As per the process requirement dyed fabrics are to be dried immediately to maintain the quality
    • This machine is used to set the final width of fabric. This is the final process of our unit and fabric's flexibility is lowered here to provide strength to the fabric. After thus process the final fabric received is than sent for checking and packing. All the above processes are basic for manufacturing finished fabrics; other special machines are used only as per client's requirement for providing certain type of quality
    • After the drying process, the fabric received is ready for finishing. Stunter is a machine where fabrics are process very high temperature with certain chemicals. This process sets the elongation and width of fabrics. As we have 8-chamber stunter, our machine is highly capable of providing best quality for suiting fabrics.