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    We are engaged in the business of Processing and trading of Finished Cotton / Cotton Blended Fabrics. Our Company is equipped with state of the art machinery to produce fabrics with the core capability to convert a wide range of Grey Fabrics into finished fabrics and various other Cotton and Cotton Blended Fabrics consisting of 100% Cotton fabric, Chief Value Cotton, Polyester Cotton, 100% Cotton Yarn Dyed, Polyester Viscose and Terry Rayon Suiting.
    • 100% Polyester Fabric
    • Polyester and its blends
    • COTTON - VISCOSE and its blends.
    • Linen
    • Cotton Naylon and it's blends
    • Acylic and its blends
    • Viscose Courdroy
    • 100% Cotton Courdroy
    • Disperse Dyeing
    • Reactive Dyeing
    • Sulphur Dyeing
    • Vat Dyeing
    • Pigment Dyeing
    • Double Dyeing
    • ( Disperse + Reactive)
    • (Cationic + Disperse)
    • Bio Finish
    • Soft Finish
    • Silicon Finish
    • Hard Finish
    • Peach Finish